Success Stories of Cured FIP Cats

FIP Advocates and Champions Canada is a group dedicated to providing help, support and hope for those facing this diagnosis. Though once a completely fatal disease, there is now a treatment and cure! We have all gone through this experience with our own kitties and been able to cure them with what many veterinarians are now calling "a miracle."

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This is Tiki. She’s in the observation phase and is doing great. She was diagnosed with Ocular FIP in December. The gals from this group were fantastic in answering questions and provided me with the help I needed to help Tiki recover! She was not an easy patient and it was very hard for her to take injections but we persevered and she’s living a full life with her kitty friends. I’m optimistic she will be graduating in a couple months 😀

Yesterday Oliver got his graduation cap! Six months ago he was diagnosed with dry FIP. With the help and support of the admin team, my boy will now see his 6th birthday this august 🥰🥰

I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since we first started treatment on Roxy and and Dan (yes I had the unfortunate news to have not one but two cats diagnosed with FIP different forms two months apart). With the help of Krista and the FIP community we are not almost two years cured. Roxy had relapsed briefly and completed 120 days and Dan completed 84 days. Not a single health incident since. My love, my gratitude is endless for all of you. Without your constant guidance and support I would have given up. 2 years 🥳🥳🥳🥳 of living their best life.

Just a reminder for those of you in the thick of your kitties FIP treatment… You are in THE BEST hands with the admins here in this group. I trusted them fully, along with other helpful FIP parents. They showed nothing but support, guidance and encouragement throughout what was such a scary, traumatic experience for my little family. I’d do it all again knowing this group is here and thriving ♥️ This is what a year and four months cured looks like!

Just sharing for those who are stressed and scared right now. DillyPickle is going on two years FIP free soon, and is fat, sassy and super active. You're in good hands ❤️

My sweet Ruby (the seal point) would not be CURED as of December 22nd without the help of Elaine and Krista. Forever grateful for my supportive admins. And so is Ruby.

Very happy to share that Eva has been officially cured of FIP. ❤ We couldn't have done it without the support from the admins and supportive vet. It was terrifying and overwhelming at the beginning, but we got into a routine and after 84 days of treatment and observation, Eva is better than new! Don't give up hope and keep fighting for your kitties.

My sweet kitten Zoe was diagnosed with FIP in April 2022. I was devastated as She was only 5 months old and I had only has her for a month. I was told there is no cure but then Zoe’s foster mom Michelle ( the friend that I got her and her sister from) told me there was a treatment and encouraged me to try it. I was very nervous and a bit skeptical at first but we went for it. This was the best decision I ever made. Zoe started to feel better within 2 weeks and improved from there. It was not easy and several days ended in tears but we stuck with it and before we knew it we were in observation and then she was deemed cured in October 2022. Our admins Krista and Elaine were so awesome and helped to guide us along the way. To those who are just starting and need encouragement, it does get better, the time goes faster than you think it will and they will forgive you. Stay strong and don’t give up hope 💕😻

My beloved Mexican boy Guapito (that means "little handsome guy" in Spanish) has been cured almost sixteen months now! I saved Guapito's life the first time when a cat rescue friend posted a video of him, at just six weeks old, limping along on his malformed hind leg. He'd been found in a garbage bag on the side of the road with two siblings. I knew he'd have a tough time getting adopted here in Mexico because of his congenital deformity, and my heart opened wide -- he had to be mine. Nine months later, he was diagnosed with FIP, and together we began our journey to conquer this awful disease. It was a small miracle that we were able to get our first emergency vial down to our little town at the bottom of Mexico so quickly, thanks in great part to Krista Alexandra's efforts. Two vets had said Guapito had only a couple of days more to live at most. Without Krista, Guapito wouldn't be here today. 😍😻