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Recently Diagnosed? There is Hope.

FIP Advocates and Champions Canada is a group dedicated to providing help, support and hope for those facing this diagnosis. Though once a completely fatal disease, there is now a treatment and cure! We have all gone through this experience with our own kitties and been able to cure them with what many veterinarians are now calling "a miracle."

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We Help You Access FIP Treatment

We connect newly diagnosed parents with resources to treat your cat and cure FIP. What was once a fatal disease is now curable in cats. Contact us and our team of admins will help connect you with resources and guide you through your cat's FIP treatment.

There Is Hope With FIP Treatment

With many advances in recent years, finally cats have a fighting chance against what was once a fatal diagnosis.

No matter where you're located in the world, FIP Advocates and Champions will connect you with the best resources in your area.

Join us on Facebook today if you suspect your cat has FIP, or has a diagnosis, and we can help you.