Who We Are

The Parents of Cured FIP Cats

FIP Advocates and Champions Canada is a group dedicated to providing help, support and hope for those facing this diagnosis. Though once a completely fatal disease, there is now a treatment and cure! We have all gone through this experience with our own kitties and been able to cure them with what many veterinarians are now calling "a miracle."

Has your cat recently been diagnosed with FIP? Join us on Facebook to access emergency FIP resources.

Who We Are

We are the parents of previously treated FIP cats

We have personally been through this journey ourselves of treating our own FIP kitties. Over the last few years we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from research, consulting with experts in the FIP world, personal experience and helping hundreds of FIP cats. Together we have created a network of resources to help support people who have had their cats recently diagnosed with FIP. Thousands of cats around the world have been successfully treated and cured!
We follow the trusted treatment protocol of Dr. Pedersen and work closely with many supportive vets worldwide who believe this disease can not only be treated but cured.

We are a wealth of knowledge and support to help you and your cat. Join our group on Facebook today to be connected with resources in your city immediately.

FIP Advocates and Champions

For The Cats

We believe in treating cats for the sake of the cats, not for profit.
We will always advocate for you and your cat no matter what.

We promise to do everything possible to ensure this treatment is as affordable as possible.

Our group follows the treatment protocol of Dr. Pedersen and consults regularly with an international team of FIP veterinarians that have had years of experience with FIP and it's treatment. We are connected with multiple other experts in the FIP world. We are all here to support you and your kitty through treatment and observation.

We are committed to transparency about the efficacy and outcomes of the treatment options we recommend. Data will not only be collected but outcomes will be tracked closely and made available to parents.

FIP Treatment Resources

Are you ready to learn about the treatment process for FIP? Contact us through our Facebook group, and take a look at our FIP Resources guides.

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Has your cat recently been diagnosed with FIP? If you'd like to learn more about curing your cat of FIP, get in touch with FIP Advocates and Champions today. We work to provide FIP treatment resources across Canada, and connect parents with a global network of treatment options for FIP cats outside of Canada.