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FIP Advocates and Champions Canada is a group dedicated to providing help, support and hope for those facing this diagnosis. Though once a completely fatal disease, there is now a treatment and cure! We have all gone through this experience with our own kitties and been able to cure them with what many veterinarians are now calling "a miracle."

Partnered closely with veterinarians, experienced treatment advisors worldwide and pet parents, we are committed to connecting parents with safe and affordable treatment options, advocating for the cats and their parents and helping advance knowledge about FIP and its treatment.

About FIP

What Is FIP?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease that affects domestic and wild cats. It is caused by a type of coronavirus, called feline coronavirus (FCoV), which attacks the immune system and causes inflammation in various organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and intestines. FIP affects cats of any age, breed, or gender, but it is more common in young cats and those living in multi-cat environments. The symptoms of FIP include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss, difficulty breathing, and abdominal swelling. 

There are two types of FIP: wet and dry FIP. Wet FIP is the more common and severe form of the disease, which is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and/or chest cavity, leading to breathing difficulties and organ failure. Dry FIP can affect various organs, such as the eyes, brain, kidneys, or liver, and the symptoms depend on which organ is affected. Dry FIP progresses more slowly than wet FIP, and cats can survive for several months to a year after diagnosis.

Recently Diagnosed? Join Our Facebook Group

If your cat has been recently diagnosed with FIP, our group can help connect you with resources you need to treat FIP at home. What was once a 100% fatal disease now is completely treatable through a series of injections of a compound known as GS-441524. Get in touch with us on Facebook today to access emergency resources worldwide, including emergency medication, treatment support chats, and access to all you need to set your kitty up for success.

There Is A Cure For FIP

FIP Resources and Studies

What was once a lethal disease in cats is now treatable through a well-documented and studied treatment regimen, determined by Dr. Pedersen through studies at UC Davis.

Ever since 2017, cats have now had a fighting chance at beating FIP. FIP Advocates and Champions Canada follows Dr. Pedersen's protocol when it comes to treating cats, and guiding parents through the treatment process. Read more about FIP, diagnosing and treating, and explore the UC Davis treatment papers on our FIP Resources section.

Diagnosing FIP

FIP is a very elusive disease, oftentimes presenting differently depending on the type (dry/wet/neuro/optical) and we work with vets and professionals to analyze blood work and key markers of FIP.


GS-441524 is an antiviral drug developed by Gilead Sciences. Unfortunately because Gilead Sciences will not release the patent, the formula has not yet been approved for FDA usage in cats with FIP.

UC Davis Studies

Rigorous studies have been done at UC Davis when it comes to treating FIP in cats. We provide our parents with the proper reading materials, and keep our Facebook group up to date with current UC Davis and FIP studies.

Treating FIP

Studies through UC Davis proved that cats can be cured of FIP. In our years of experience, we have personally treated hundreds of cats by guiding parents through the treatment process and providing emergency resources.


Treatment Stories

Here are a few treatment stories from parents in our Facebook group sharing their experiences with their cats who have undergone FIP treatment, and come out on the other side.

This is Tiki. She’s in the observation phase and is doing great. She was diagnosed with Ocular FIP in December. The gals from this group were fantastic in answering questions and provided me with the help I needed to help Tiki recover! She was not an easy patient and it was very hard for her to take injections but we persevered and she’s living a full life with her kitty friends. I’m optimistic she will be graduating in a couple months 😀

Yesterday Oliver got his graduation cap! Six months ago he was diagnosed with dry FIP. With the help and support of the admin team, my boy will now see his 6th birthday this august 🥰🥰

I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since we first started treatment on Roxy and and Dan (yes I had the unfortunate news to have not one but two cats diagnosed with FIP different forms two months apart). With the help of Krista and the FIP community we are not almost two years cured. Roxy had relapsed briefly and completed 120 days and Dan completed 84 days. Not a single health incident since. My love, my gratitude is endless for all of you. Without your constant guidance and support I would have given up. 2 years 🥳🥳🥳🥳 of living their best life.

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Has your cat recently been diagnosed with FIP? If you'd like to learn more about curing your cat of FIP, get in touch with FIP Advocates and Champions today. We help provide parents with options for FIP treatment resources across Canada, and connect parents with a global network of treatment options for FIP cats outside of Canada.