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GS-441524 Dosage Calculator

FIP Advocates and Champions Canada is a group dedicated to providing help, support and hope for those facing this diagnosis. Though once a completely fatal disease, there is now a treatment and cure! We have all gone through this experience with our own kitties and been able to cure them with what many veterinarians are now calling "a miracle."

Partnered closely with veterinarians, experienced treatment advisors worldwide and pet parents, we are committed to connecting parents with safe and affordable treatment options, advocating for the cats and their parents and helping advance knowledge about FIP and its treatment.

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Dosage Guide and Calculator

FIP dosing is determined based on the type of FIP. Generally the dosages used are:

  • 6 mg/kg for wet and dry FIP  that does NOT have ocular or neurological involvement
  • 10 mg/kg for ocular FIP
  • 10 mg/kg minimum for neurological FIP
Dosages may need to be increased depending on the individual cat’s response to treatment and severity of neurological symptoms.
Please keep in contact with your treatment advisor for any questions about your cat’s dosage.

Dosage Calculator: GS-441524 Liquid Only

Dosage Calculator

How To Use The Calculator

For calculating your kitty’s injection dosage you will need to enter their weight in kg or lbs, the dosage and medicine concentration into the calculator. You will then see at bottom of the calculator the dose you need to give your kitty.

Another way to calculate dosage is a simple formula:

Weight in kg x dosage / concentration = dose

*Please check with your treatment advisor if you have any questions.

GS-441524 FAQs

Once you join the FIP Advocates and Champions group you will be connected with a treatment advisory team. While FIP Advocates does not supply medication, they can help you connect with the available treatment options.

There is no minimum order. Many parents choose to order from the suppliers a few weeks worth at a time to save on shipping costs.

GS doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge. It needs to be kept away from heat and light. Ideally in a cupboard or drawer.

Your treatment advisory team will give you the calculation to use for calculating the correct dose for your kitty based on kitty’s weight, GS dosage and the brand’s concentration.

Unless your treatment advisor has recommended increasing dosage the dosage will remain the same with pills as you started with for injections.

Weighing two times a week is recommended and even more often if they are kittens.


Treatment Stories

Here are a few treatment stories from parents in our Facebook group sharing their experiences with their cats who have undergone FIP treatment, and come out on the other side.

This is Tiki. She’s in the observation phase and is doing great. She was diagnosed with Ocular FIP in December. The gals from this group were fantastic in answering questions and provided me with the help I needed to help Tiki recover! She was not an easy patient and it was very hard for her to take injections but we persevered and she’s living a full life with her kitty friends. I’m optimistic she will be graduating in a couple months 😀

Yesterday Oliver got his graduation cap! Six months ago he was diagnosed with dry FIP. With the help and support of the admin team, my boy will now see his 6th birthday this august 🥰🥰

I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since we first started treatment on Roxy and and Dan (yes I had the unfortunate news to have not one but two cats diagnosed with FIP different forms two months apart). With the help of Krista and the FIP community we are not almost two years cured. Roxy had relapsed briefly and completed 120 days and Dan completed 84 days. Not a single health incident since. My love, my gratitude is endless for all of you. Without your constant guidance and support I would have given up. 2 years 🥳🥳🥳🥳 of living their best life.