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Welcome to our FIP Advocates and Champions blog! 

Many of you have had a kitty with FIP and have been able to successfully treat and cure them with this drug many veterinarians are calling a miracle! 

Anyone who has had a kitty with FIP knows the awful feeling of this diagnosis. Some kitty parents have been fortunate enough to already know about GS-441524 or their vet pointed them in the direction of this treatment.

Others have had to desperately do their own research. Some found help in time and others did not. Sadly GS is not an approved drug at this time and in only a few countries is it available through vet clinics. 

What if things could change? The knowledge of this life-saving treatment NEEDS to be in the hands of every veterinarian, every rescue and every cat owner.

We at FIP Advocates and Champions are committed to spreading awareness about FIP and it’s treatment, advocating for FIP cats and their owners, and connecting parents with safe and affordable treatment options. 

Check this blog often for updates! We hope to update at least once a week. Some things we want to share with you are treatment stories from parents who have treated their FIP kitties, testimonials from veterinarians, interviews with experts in the FIP world, articles, new advances and research on FIP, how you can be part of sharing this life-saving information and much more!

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